My history

Ирина Краснова

It all started very simply. By the time of my birth relatives approached very seriously. My great-grandfather on the maternal side , Ivan Ivanovich and retired... And began to draw. He passed through the crucible of war, and it was not just to tell posterity, but also show how his generation has passed through the war, and how rejoiced warm rays of the sun of the postwar. He had never had to hold a brush in his hand, but he learned the basics enviable persistence of artistic excellence and created paintings . My grandfather, Nikolai Pavlenko - a wonderful artist, the author of the huge number of graphic, monumental and chamber works on historical and mythological subjects, portraits, landscapes and even sculptures. Parents - art restorers, too, all the time in a creative search - saving monuments of the past. Since I can remember, I was surrounded by art. At home we had a real art gallery. On the walls hung paintings, reliefs, coinage and marquetry, each horizontal shelf was occupied grandfather's sculptures, the door to the kitchen - a stained glass window in the hallway mirror mounted in a mosaic, even the door handles in the form of bearded men, in the kitchen and bathrooms expertly embroidered napkins and it all done by the hands of my family, a large family of artists. So I could do nothing, as from birth pick up a pencil and draw on everything that was not already occupied by existing and masterpieces that came to hand. Especially to taste I had wallpaper on the walls - the area for creativity is not limited. Already to three years on the wallpaper at my reach no more living space - everything was covered with clear graphic symbols only me. Fortunately for me and my parents understand... changed the wallpaper. But by the time I became an adult and preferences have changed : in my life appeared paint.

Now with monumental graphics I went to the easel and art became my favorite pictures and watercolor paper. By the time they start school I got a huge portfolio of early works. But here's the start of school. But not just one, but two - secondary, plus a musical dance studio, and besides, I have new hobbies crafts - weaving macrame and beads. But despite this, I did not leave with a pencil. In 12 years, I secretly parents successfully passed the exam in art school and was enrolled in Grade 1. Parents were against it, because first, worried that one child is too much load, and secondly, it was said that in one house per square meter too much density artists - no where to turn around an easel, not like people. My guide to the real world of art have become books and museums. His first visit to the museum, I remember the bad, because I was about a year and most of the tour, I spent my face buried in my mother's in the beginning, and then my dad's shoulder. As I remember, in the hall of Jan Matejko I slept very comfortably. Then visit the museum for me was a matter of habit, I came there as a home. It so happened that about the same time I graduated from school once 3. After 9th grade I decided to enroll in the Art Lyceum at the Kharkov Art and Industrial Institute to continue his art education, and at the same time, and finish school course. Lyceum just opened, were teachers of the institute and adult atmosphere reigned, creative. For me, these two years have flown on a huge rise, gave the strongest creative charge. The next 6 years of my life were spent in the bosom of the academic school of industrial Kharkov Art Institute. It's very serious. Classes, busy, busy. Want of something fresh, new. I sent her to the contest, to participate in the international panorama vekshope Project in Athens, conducted by the European Institute of the Arts League, and soon became his party, the only representative of its mills. Month spent in the cradle of human civilization and culture, became my starting point. I met with their peers, also students of fine art in Europe, together with them, we have created a grand panorama. Lead to a common denominator of all our experiences in Greece, our world so different, thoughts, and feelings, the level of artistic excellence and European artists of different schools proved a daunting task, but very exciting. We lived in a common thought and the desire to implement it, to believe that we will succeed, and it turned out great. Arriving on the creative takeoff, I made a solo exhibition and a photo report on progress of our team. Then again there were exhibitions in Skopje, participation in scientific conferences and creative, new jobs and new exhibitions. Of particular interest is the behavior I have small children, their spontaneity and openness. I made numerous sketches and drawings, and when I was asked to illustrate a book of children's poems, I gladly accepted the job, hours sitting out on the playground observing and studying them with a pencil in hand. Thus was born my first illustrations. After graduation and the final collapse of the Union, I went to the historic homeland of my ancestors - in Russia, and came to live and Moscow. The heyday of advertising and graphic design that I watched captivated me with opportunities and I decided to try a new role. (link to site). Professional success in this area gave me the opportunity to become a member of the Creative Union of Designers of Russia. I continue to learn this beautiful world through their creativity and gladly share with you their discoveries and achievements. I hope that this will help me to this site and expose. My story is not written yet .